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Aruna Lama

Aruna Lama

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Legendary Aruna Lama- The Voice that Touches Your Inner Soul

Aruna Lama is a well known Nepali singer and is widely known as ‘The Nightingale of the Hills’. She has many Nepali songs to her credit, and has also sung in Nepali films. She is considered as one of the notable legendary musicians of Nepali music.

Personal Life

Born in the year 1945 in Ghoom Pahar,Darjeelingin the British occupiedIndia, Aruna Lama was inspired by her uncle C.B. Lama to take up a career in singing. She started singing at the tender age of 7.  She won the Gorkha Dukha Niwarak Sammelan organized music competition, when she was 11 years of age and this served as the turning point in her musical career. She married Saran Pradhan who also was a musician. They had two children. When her husband died in the year 1974, she had to work hard to make ends meet.

Musical Journey

From the year 1958, she learnt from Amber Gurung, the notable legend of Nepali music. She has sung for many music composers, especially Amber Gurung, Shanti Thatal, Narayan Gopal, Dibya Kaling, and Gopal Yonzon. The first song she sang was written by Bhupi Sherchan and composed by Amber Gurung in the year 1961. Her famous songs include Phool lai sodhey, Pohor Saal Kulsi Phatyo, Hera Na hera Kancha, and many other highly famed ones. Her songs were also featured in the films like Maitighar, Kanchhi, and Paral ko Aago.


She was bestowed with many awards which include Sangti Puraskar, Sur Sringar Sammelan, and Mitrasen Puraskar inNepaland the Bhanu Academy Puraskar and Dishari Puraskar in Kolkata. She received numerous awards in bothIndiaandNepaland was quite popular in respective countries.

She had performed some amazingly heart-warming songs at Raag Rajat in Gorkha Rangamanch inDarjeelingand the Arunanjali at Pragya Bhawan inKathmandu.


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