My Name Is dBruK

My Name Is dBruK


Lyrics Edit

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My name is dBruK
Ur **** sounds fake as my rhymes drop
My flow so hot makes ur eyes pop
Got this swag that will put my place on the top


Yo,rap **** is still the same
I see a lotta old faces and some new added names
Some doin their thang big time some working hard to gain
Big Name Big Fame with fans supporting to the end
Thats when i pop outta the crowd and start talking ****
My love for this game devotion to the street
U think Im so fly Im bringing the heat
Just wait for some more till I make u Jump off ur seat(Seat)
Thats just the way i am
If anything ever goes wrong then its im to blame
I respect yall doin it big in this hiphop game
All em fakers lowsy jokers are just lame **** pain
Let me introduce myself name's dBruK u heard???
Im from the hood representing the styles u get blurred
Got this **** got it poppin i aint stoppin u be clappin
Gotta get that right ima make that tight ima make u all go snappin like this
Yea we all got big dreams big cars big cribs million dollar blings
Do that everything u want till ur short life ends
Get that everything u want but ur fucking luck stinks
Thats when ur brain stops but my wicked brain starts to think
Though my soul is dead body still my eyes stop to blink my heart stops to work and my veins start to shrink
The only thing that keeps me going is my will to win
I cant just my time slip by
Opportunity comes once u either grab or let it fly
Win or lose its upto us we gotta try till we die
I aint backing down a bit there aint no fear in my eyes
I dont do drugs dont smoke dont go after fucking bitches
U wanna talk **** about Ima end u up with stitches
U think ur fucking hot ima cut u into pieces
U still dont feel my **** do u??Im sending u the message
I eat em MCs like a beast like some kinda protein suppliment
Ur hatred dont scares me a bit i'd take that as my compliment
U think u r the best and ur game is hardcore
Ima snatch the mic from u and shove it up ur **** cuz


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