the axe songs collection

06 January 2016

THE AXE band is one of the oldest and one of the most popular rock band of nepal which was officially established in 1993. the axe plays rock, ballads, southern rock and folk-rock fusion as well. in this video i have collected some of their best songs ever in the scenario of nepali music. you guys can listen to this all songs at subscribe for more - like us on facebook - follow us on instagram - And here is the list(with starting time;point) 1.dekhe timilai hijo rati - 00:03 2.prem ma raat pani - 03:51 3.ko cha ra amar - 09:45 4.lukna due - 15:01 job no money - 19:37 6.prem matra hoina - 23:28 7.thado janey - 27:22 8.timro najarle - 31:19 9.arko junima timilai - 36:27 10.chayangba dai - 41:11 11.simana - 46:17 12.pallo dada ma - 51:36 audai chu - 57:37 14.aakashai muni - 1:02:00 15.yauta chitthi - 1:07:23 16.dherai dherai le - 1:12:26 17.chahe duniya le - 1:17:24 18.aakashai muni - 1:22:56 19.praye sadhai ma - 1:28:14 you can also listen to ROBIN N THE NEW REVOLUTION at also listen to MUKTI N REVIVAL at COPYRIGHT: i donot hold any copyright or claim copyright for any of the songs in this video.all songs in thisvideo are entirely owned by THE AXE.ONLY FOR PROMOTIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE. SUPPORT AND LISTEN TO NEPALI MUSIC. follow us on facebook - youtube - do comments and subscribe JACK FOX cheers jai nepal