Unique Dance "LAKHEY"

24 October 2017

The unique dance of nepal "LAKHEY" which is famous among newar community. In ancestor that Lakhey should have fallen in love with a girl who is from Majipa. It is believed that the demon turns himself into a human beings to see his loved ones in the city. Knowing the fact that the person is a Lakhey, which the people captures the lakhey so they can give it up present to the king. If he protects the children form the demons and evils he will grant him a place in the city . These made proposal by King to the demon Lakhey and also him to participate in Indra Jatra which is also called Punhi Jatra. Due to these reasoned lakhey reside in Majipa. There is another story which in there is a cannibal children of the king called Sawan Bhaku which was requested given to do so by Akash Bhairabh and . These two children claim that they return to the city on Yanyaa Punhi to clame their rules and to destroy humans. Lakhey work is to send them out of the city. So these shows that dance was conducted in Yanyaa Punhi which is done every year. These dance is performed by the Ranjitkars of Kathmandu valley. In these traditional dance there is no trained skills . These dance is inherited in their own genes. The lakhey dance also performs in Goonlaa month of nepal sambat new lunar calender so they are called Goonlaa. Maijpan lakhey is also another kind of lakhey Aaju which is very special Lakhey. He is also called peaceful Bhairav. These kind of dance which takes place only in the week of full moon of Yenlaa month of Nepal Sambat which is unique than other kind of dance which is done only in particular time. So. from these Traditional Lakhey dance it is only a dance but these dancers also considered the protecttor of the children especially in Kathmandu.#lakhe #NEWARIFESTIVALS