Nepali Tarkariwali नेपाली तरकारीवाली यसरी Viral भइन । #Tarkariwali #Tarkaliwali

13 August 2017

युवा किसानकाे सम्मान गर्छ याे दुनीया, अाउ बिदेशमा हैन नेपालमै केही गराै युवाहरू हाे । Beautiful nepali girl kusum sherestha ,tarkariwali is famous #viral on internet online after chaiwala. she is from fisling gorkha Nepal young vegetable seller . #tarkariwali नेपाली तरकारीवाली #tarkaliwali तरकारीवाली ने अपने लुक्स से किया इन्टरनेट परकब्जा’(भावार्थ: तरकारीवालीले आफ्नो सौन्दर्यले इन्टरनेट कब्जागरिन्) शीर्षकमा बिबिसी हिन्दी सेवाको अनलाइन संस्करणमा आइतबार राखिएको समाचार सामग्रीअझै लोकप्रियताको पहिलो नम्बरमा कायम छ। अहिले उनको सौन्दर्य चर्चा बिबिसी अनलाइनमा मात्रै होइन, इन्टरनेट भरि छ। तीयुवती हुन्–गोरखाकी चेली कुसमश्रेष्ठ A young ‘tarkariwali’ from Nepal is now becoming an internet sensation after the photos of hot and handsome ‘chaiwala’ from Pakistan had been the talk of the town on social media recently. This girl carrying vegetables on her back is being appreciated for her beauty and hard work as well. She is in the row of simple yet gorgeous vegetable seller in Nepal. She’s been looked as an inspirational figure among netizens who are lauding her for choosing this profession. Forget Pakistani tea-seller, check out the beautiful ‘Tarkariwali’, vegetable seller girl in Nepal A 'Tarkariwali', a Nepalese vegetable seller girl, is the new buzzword on the internet because of her good looks and beatific smile. You may have swooned , if you are a girl, over the Pakistani tea-seller hearththrob Arshad Khan, but a ‘Tarkariwali’, a Nepalese vegetable seller girl, is the new buzzword on the internet because of her good looks and beatific smile. Photos of the girl were clicked by a photographer of Nepal and posted on the social media and these have broken the Net, virtually. So far she has managed to steal a million men’s hearts after the photographs went viral. In a similar case recently, 18-year-old Arshad Khan, a Pakistani tea seller, managed to bag a modelling assignment after his photos started trending on social media. The blue-eyed young man has never been to school and is very happy with his achievement and said that he is interested in doing films and modelling. Will the girl’s story be another rags-to-riches one? The girl is trending on social media as #Tarkariwali. With her simple appearance along with the endeavour, she has manged to hog the limelight. One can only hope that she will continue to smile like that and world will go gaga over her beauty interview with tarkariwali. tarkariwali smiling नेपाली ‘तरकारीवाली’ भन्छिन्, 'अवसर पाए फिल्म खेल्छु' - Nepali Tarkariwali, Kushum Shrestha. यि हुन् तरकारी बाली नेपाली युबती - जो इन्टरनेटमा भाइरल बनिन् । #Tarkariwali viral video of world #तरकारीवाली