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Sugam Pokharel

Sugam Pokharel

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Sugam Pokharel- The Rising Star

Sugam Pokharel is a Nepali singer known for his excellent voice. The compliments he received early in his life inspired him to become a singer eventually. He takes great pride in his voice.


Born in the year 1979, he spent most of his early childhood in Biratnagar. Initially he was a shy and reserved child, but changed later on and became more gregarious. He liked listening to songs sung by Deep Shrestha, Harish Mathema, and Sanjay Shresha. He was interested in music from his school days and used to sing in school functions. After his SLC, he went toKathmanduto pursue his higher studies and did not have any intent of pursuing music as a career.

Musical Career

Sungam Pokharel later wanted to record a song and with the help of his friend Sudin, he recorded the song Ma maya garchu. This song was not released due to the absence of a proper guide in the music and lyrics area. The duo later recorded another song Payera Timilai, which also did not do well contrary to their expectations. The third song by Pokharel Mero Sansar released in the year 2058 B.S. was a big hit. The lyrics and composition were contributed by Pokharel himself and people loved his voice and the lyrics too.

Musical Hits

The song Pheri tyo din was a huge hit and propelled him to stardom. He gained the number one spot in Nepali music. He later on gave many hit songs and whittled a niche for himself in the world of music. His work was well appreciated and he was showered with many awards. The awards he received include the Hits FM New Best artist Award.

Sugam Pokharel had a great voice that created quite a stir in the music world. At present, he is a leading star in the world of Nepali music and his voice is considered to be a great gift to Nepali music aficionados.


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